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Stephen Gill

Stephen Gill - Online Media Entrepreneur & Marketer. Co-Founder at Leadnomics & RightAction.

Stephen Gill is an online media entrepreneur, marketer, founder of multiple internet media companies, and a leading expert in the areas of lead generation and performance marketing. Stephen has a bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship from the Rowan University, Rohrer College of Business and resides in Philadelphia, PA. He enjoy meeting and learning from other successful entrepreneurs and is always happy to speak to anyone regarding new business or investment opportunities. Feel free to contact Stephen Gill directly.

Stephen Gill's Background

Stephen Gill's Experience

Founder at NoLimit Interactive Media

October 2004 - July 2008

Online marketing company specializing in paid search, performance marketing and lead generation.

President & Co-Founder at RightAction

August 2010

Co-Founder at Red Online Marketing Group


Our innovative ad platform enables the web's largest publishers to monetize their properties.

Co-Founder at Leadnomics

February 2007

Leadnomics - Leaders in the Science of lead generation. We find customers so you don't have to. Everyday we generate thousands of premium leads for brands in financial services, insurance, and more. Leadnomics was recognized on the 2011 Inc 500 list as the 48th fastest growing private company in America. Leadnomics began in 2007 as a collaboration between innovators in online marketing. Our goal was to create the most efficient lead generation engine in the industry. Each member of our team optimizes a different part of the consumer purchasing cycle. There's a science to how we acquire traffic, capture leads, analyze and filter for quality and deliver leads in real-time. But even if the science is complex, the bottom line is simple: We deliver eager buyers at predictable costs and in the highest possible volumes. We're proud to have generated millions of new customers for our clients, and we're even more proud of the reputation for quality and trust we've earned along the way. As we look ahead, we see tremendous opportunities for the lead generation industry. Our model is proven. We're delivering customers in higher volumes than ever before, and this is only the beginning of what we can do. There are always new markets to serve and groundbreaking technologies to build. We're actively looking for partners - brands as well as lead generators - who would like to innovate with us.

Stephen Gill's Education

Rowan University

2004 – 2008


Stephen Gill's Interests & Activities

Technology, marketing, travel, fitness, food.

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